rwalkr 0.5.6 2021-08-16

rwalkr 0.5.5 2021-02-05

Fixed a typo in melb_weather().

rwalkr 0.5.4 2021-01-15

Added a new set of functions to scrape Melbourne microclimate data. (@sa-lee)

rwalkr 0.5.3 2020-06-19

rwalkr 0.5.2 2020-03-20

  • Included newly-installed sensors.

rwalkr 0.5.1 2020-01-08

rwalkr 0.5.0 2019-11-18

  • New function melb_walk_directional() to access minute by minute directional pedestrian counts for the last hour from pedestrian sensor devices located across the city.
  • Fixed pull_sensor() due to the Socrata API URL change.
  • Defunct lookup_sensor(), walk_melb(), run_melb() and shine_melb() in favour of suffixed function names.

rwalkr 0.4.0 2018-12-13

  • Fixed status “400” for melb_walk_fast() (previously run_melb()) due to Socrata API changes.
  • Deprecated walk_melb(), run_melb() and shine_melb() in favour of suffixed function names.

rwalkr 0.3.4 2018-07-19

  • Fixed date-time formatting for Socrata data update

rwalkr 0.3.3 2018-03-19

API changes

  • Dropped the argument of tweak in walk_melb(), as the sensor names from the data source match with run_melb().

Minor changes

  • Dropped the match column in the data frame called from lookup_sensor().

rwalkr 0.3.2 2017-11-12

Major changes

  • Returned a tibble (tbl_ts) instead of data.frame.

Minor changes

  • Specified the requirement version of shiny to the DESCRIPTION file.

rwalkr 0.3.1 2017-09-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “Count” to be returned as integers instead of characters in run_melb(na.rm = FALSE).
  • Fixed duplicated data entries when walk_melb(tweak = TRUE).
  • Fixed one non-matching sensor in lookup_sensor().


  • A new sensor “Pelham St (S)” added to run_melb(), pull_sensor(), and lookup_sensor() using Socrata.
  • Changed the shiny app using shine_melb() to use walk_melb(tweak = TRUE).

rwalkr 0.3.0 2017-09-02

New functions

  • run_melb() pulls Melbourne pedestrian data using Socrata, which is faster than walk_melb().
  • pull_sensor() pulls Melbourne pedestrian sensor locations using Socrata.
  • lookup_sensor() provides a dictionary for sensor names used in walk_melb() and run_melb().

Minor changes

  • Added new arguments na.rm = FALSE and tweak = FALSE to the function walk_melb(). If na.rm = TRUE, it removes NAs from the data. If tweak = TRUE, it ensures the consistency of sensor names to run_melb().

rwalkr 0.2.0 2017-08-09

  • Added the function shine_melb() to launch a shiny app. It provides two basic plots to take a glimpse at the data: one is an overlaying time series plot and the other showing a dot plot of missing values.

rwalkr 0.1.0 2017-08-01

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added the function walk_melb() to scrape Melbourne pedestrian data.