API using Socrata to Melbourne pedestrian data with directions (per minute)

melb_walk_directional(app_token = NULL)



Characters giving the application token. A limited number of requests can be made without an app token (NULL), but they are subject to much lower throttling limits than request that do include one. Sign up for an app token here.


A tibble including these variables as follows:

  • sensor_id: Sensor name

  • date_time: Date time when the pedestrian counts are recorded

  • date: Date associated with date_time

  • time: Time of day

  • direction_1: Direction 1 sensor reading (count of pedestrians)

  • direction_2: Direction 2 sensor reading (count of pedestrians)

  • total_of_directions: Total sensor reading i.e. direction 1+2 (count of pedestrians)


It provides the API using Socrata, to access minute by minute directional pedestrian counts for the last hour from pedestrian sensor devices located across the city. The data is updated every 15 minutes.

Columns sensor_id, direction_1, and direction_2 can be used to join the data with the Sensor Locations dataset which details the location, status, and directional readings of sensors, which can be obtained from pull_sensor().

See also


if (FALSE) { melb_walk_directional() }