One-to-one corresponding sensor names between run_melb() and walk_melb()



A data frame including three columns:

  • run: Sensor names obtained from the run_melb() function using Socrata

  • walk: Sensor names obtained from the walk_melb() function using compedapi

  • match: whether sensor names are identical or not


Two APIs (Socrata and compedapi) code some sensors using different names. This functions returns a data frame that allows to compare sensor names obtained from these two APIs.


#> run walk match #> 1 State Library State Library TRUE #> 2 Collins Place (South) Collins Place (South) TRUE #> 3 Collins Place (North) Collins Place (North) TRUE #> 4 Flagstaff Station Flagstaff Station TRUE #> 5 Melbourne Central Melbourne Central TRUE #> 6 Town Hall (West) Town Hall (West) TRUE #> 7 Bourke Street Mall (North) Bourke Street Mall (North) TRUE #> 8 Bourke Street Mall (South) Bourke Street Mall (South) TRUE #> 9 Australia on Collins Australia on Collins TRUE #> 10 Southern Cross Station Southern Cross Station TRUE #> 11 Victoria Point Victoria Point TRUE #> 12 New Quay New Quay TRUE #> 13 Waterfront City Waterfront City TRUE #> 14 Webb Bridge Webb Bridge TRUE #> 15 Princes Bridge Princes Bridge TRUE #> 16 Sandridge Bridge Sandridge Bridge TRUE #> 17 Birrarung Marr Birrarung Marr TRUE #> 18 Flinders St-Elizabeth St (East) Flinders St-Elizabeth St (East) TRUE #> 19 Spencer St-Collins St (North) Spencer St-Collins St (North) TRUE #> 20 Spencer St-Collins St (South) Spencer St-Collins St (South) TRUE #> 21 Bourke St-Russell St (West) Bourke St-Russell St (West) TRUE #> 22 Chinatown-Swanston St (North) Chinatown-Swanston St (North) TRUE #> 23 Chinatown-Lt Bourke St (South) Chinatown-Lt Bourke St (South) TRUE #> 24 QV Market-Peel St QV Market-Peel St TRUE #> 25 Lonsdale St (South) Lonsdale St (South) TRUE #> 26 Lygon St (West) Lygon St (West) TRUE #> 27 Flinders St-Spring St (West) Flinders St-Spring St (West) TRUE #> 28 Alfred Place Alfred Place TRUE #> 29 Flinders St-Swanston St (West) Flinders St-Swanston St (West) TRUE #> 30 City Square City Square TRUE #> 31 Grattan St-Swanston St (West) Grattan St-Swanston St (West) TRUE #> 32 Monash Rd-Swanston St (West) Monash Rd-Swanston St (West) TRUE #> 33 Tin Alley-Swanston St (West) Tin Alley-Swanston St (West) TRUE #> 34 Southbank Southbank TRUE #> 35 Flinders Street Station Underpass Flinders St Station Underpass FALSE #> 36 QV Market-Elizabeth St (West) QV Market-Elizabeth (West) FALSE #> 37 Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre Convention/Exhibition Centre FALSE #> 38 The Arts Centre Vic Arts Centre FALSE #> 39 Flinders St-Spark La Flinders St-Spark Lane FALSE #> 40 Queen St (West) Queen Street (West) FALSE #> 41 Lygon St (East) Lygon Street (East) FALSE #> 42 <NA> Spring St-Lonsdale St (South) FALSE #> 43 St Kilda Rd-Alexandra Gardens St. Kilda-Alexandra Gardens FALSE #> 44 Flinders La-Swanston St (West) <NA> FALSE #> 45 Little Collins St-Swanston St (East) <NA> FALSE #> 46 Pelham St (S) <NA> FALSE #> 47 Lonsdale St-Spring St (West) <NA> FALSE